Whatsapp redesign for iOS7

About the redesign

Whatsapp is a very popular app in the Netherlands. I use it as well as it's a very easy way to stay in touch with friends and family. Despite it's popularity it took some time to release an update for iOS7. Because of that I decided to redesign it with the goal of improving the user experience and aesthetics.

My role

UI design

Project scope

Mobile app

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What I like about Whatsapp

Whatsapp makes it easy to get in touch with friends and family. It's widely known in the Netherlands and it saves a lot of money on texting.

What I dislike about Whatsapp

Some features are a little unclear such as the contacts screen. This screen shows phone contacts instead of Whatsapp contacts, that's what favorites is for.


Focused on the ones who have Whatsapp

I have spent quite some time to try to understand the reason behind the contacts tab but I didn't manage to think of something.

A sidebar that shows existing chats and contacts you can start new chats with is what I came up with, no more contacts that don't use Whatsapp.

The visual design

For the visual design I stepped away from the default iOS style that Whatsapp has always used in the past. I think the reason behind the default look is the native look and feel. But designing a native look and feeling is no fun so I designed something that you wouldn't expect from Whatsapp.

Final thoughts

My redesign is not associated with Whatsapp and has been designed for fun.